Sandra Marton

Hot, Sexy & Bad!

Hot, Sexy & Bad!

Back by popular demand!

This Holiday Season grab the gift everyone wants. Six sizzling Holiday novellas by Six Best Selling Authors that will light your fire and warm your heart. But be warned, unwrap this collection with caution!

including Sandra’s novella THE GIFT
(coming March 1, 2014 as stand-alone novella)

The GiftMy novella in HOT, SEXY & BAD is called The Gift. It’s about an ex-Special Forces guy named Kazimir Savitch. Kaz began life in poverty. Now he’s rich and powerful—but every once in a while, he misses the excitement of Special Ops.

Still, when his old pal Zach Castelianos asks him to take on a job, Kaz isn’t interested. Zach wants Kaz to accompany Ekaterina Rostov to Sardovia— did I mention that Kaz is half-Sardovian? Kaz has no interest in playing babysitter to a wealthy, spoiled playgirl.

There’s just one problem.

Ekaterina—Katie, as she’s known in America—is a lot more complex than anyone realizes, and she’s being sent to Sardovia to marry a man she despises.

Did I say there’s one problem? Actually, there are two because once Kaz takes Katie to his bed, there isn’t a way in hell he’s going to give her up.

Now what?

Read The Gift and find out!

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August 13, 2014
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