Sandra Marton

Emerald Fire

Emerald Fire

Red-hot…and that was just his loving!

Most women found Slade McClintoch irresistibly attractive, with his dark charisma and hard-muscled physique. But Brionny Stuart vowed she wasn’t one of them. If anything, she had always been turned off by Slade’s arrogant sort! So why couldn’t she forget how skillfully Slade had tried to seduce her? She must concentrate on taking the Eye, an ancient, legendary, Inca emerald, back from Peru to New York!

However, her expedition went tragically wrong, and suddenly Brionny, the cook, city girl, was at the mercy of the steaming jungle, and Slade. Would he help her back to civilization, or tempt her into making fierce, primitive love?

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Harlequin Presents (2100)
April 2000
Mass Market Paperback:
ISBN-13: 9780373121007
ISBN-10: 0373121008

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