Sandra Marton

A Bride for the Taking

A Bride for the Taking

Married to a stranger!

Dorian Oliver had a job to do and Jake Prince was not going to stop her! But then Dorian found herself in a situation with only one solution: she had to become Jake’s wife! Jake made it clear that he was more than willing to make love to her, but Dorian wanted more, much more, than a few nights of bliss in his arms. Even though they both knew their marriage was a sham, Dorian found herself wishing that pretense could become reality. Now all she had to do was convince Jake that marriage to a stranger could last for a lifetime..!

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Harlequin Presents (1751)
July 1995
Mass Market Paperback:
ISBN-13: 9780373117512
ISBN-10: 0373117515

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