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Available February 17, 2015



In Wilde Country, Book 2

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Matteo Bellini is a lawyer. He’s an expert at contracts and he’s equally expert at avoiding emotional entanglement. Ariel Bennett is… But that’s the question. Who is Ariel? Is she a mentally ill woman who needs to be put away for her own safety, or is she a woman on the run from a man who wants to silence her forever? Ariel has amnesia. She doesn’t remember anything about herself or her past. Matteo’s searching for the answers, but after a while, the only thing he’s sure of is that his commitment to logic and the law doesn’t mean a thing when Ariel is in his arms.

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In Wilde Country, Book 1

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Luca Bellini is tough. He’s had to be, to make it to the top. Luca grew up the son of an emotional Sicilian mother and a cold American father and learned, as an adult, that his entire life was a lie. How did he deal with that? By believing in control. In being in charge. Cheyenne McKenna is tough, too. She’s had to be, to make it to the top. Cheyenne grew up without a father, and with a mother who saw her as something to trade for cheap whiskey. How did Cheyenne deal with that? Right. By believing in control. By being in charge.

Cheyenne and Luca meet by accident. The sex sizzles, but Luca wants more. He wants to be in control. He wants dominance, and it doesn’t take long before he decides that the way he can achieve it is by leading Cheyenne into a world of silk scarves and velvet blindfolds, wide beds and lightly-bound wrists. But Luca is in for a lesson, too. He’s going to learn that what really separates them is not a fight for power but the folly of pride.

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On the Wilde Side

On the Wilde Side — A Novella

In Wilde Country: The General’s Story

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Are you one of the thousands of fans who’ve come to love the hot Wilde brothers and the sexy Wilde sisters? If so, you know that General John Hamilton Wilde, the patriarch of the Wilde family, is a hard-nosed successful soldier, but a failure as a father. As far as his sons and daughters are concerned, the general is a man who lives by intractable, emotionless rules.

Oh, are they wrong!

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The Wilde Sisters, Book 1

Jaimie: Fire & Ice

The Wilde Sisters, Book 2

Lissa: Sugar & Spice

The Wilde Sisters, Book 3

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Harlequin Treasury

18 of Sandra's backlist titles have been selected for the Harlequin Treasury line, featuring over 2,000 vintage romances! Relive your favorite series published in the 1990s, only in ebook format.