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WOW! What a giveaway!

RT and AUDIOBOOKS are running an amazing giveaway! All you have to do is enter and you could win a FREE audiobook  of Emily: Sex & Sensibility as well as a whole bunch of other fantastic romance audiobooks by some of your favorite authors!


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EMILY is now available in audio!

Emily: Sex and SensibilityDo you spend mind-numbing hours walking? Running? Pedaling your recumbent bike from here to nowhere? Do you drive to work? From work? Do you sit outside your kid’s school waiting for her/him to come out the door? Did you ever wish you could be doing something fun while all that is going on?

EMILY: SEX & SENSIBILITY is available in audio! You can hear her story, share the intimate moments she spends with  Marco, travel with her to Paris and to her family’s ranch in Texas.

She’s waiting for you right now!

Listen to a sample:

Sale, Sale, Sale!

I know. That word, sale, usually catches my interest, too. A shoe sale? A sale on my huge weakness, Chanel and LV handbags? Count me in!

How about a sale on books? I’m usually the first in line.

Right now, THE PRINCE OF PLEASURE is on sale for just 99 cents, but the sale ends on Sunday, Oct 26. THE PRINCE OF PLEASURE is the prequel to the Wildes. It’s the story of  a royal prince and the American woman who turns out to be his biggest challenge, but it isn’t a fairy tale by any means. Khan is powerful; some would say he’s ruthless. Laurel is an attorney who got where she is through hard work and determination. She specializes in women’s rights and as far as she’s concerned, men like Khan specialize in denying rights to women. And yet…and yet, the fire that burns between them cannot be denied.

Here’s a brief sample, slightly censored:

She had to stop thinking about what had happened. About him. About how she’d wanted him with blind hunger, how she’d given in to that hunger without any thought of the consequences, forgetting that they were in a stranger’s home, that anybody could have walked in on them…

Well, no.

Not with Khan holding her in his arms. With her back against the door. With her legs wrapped around him, her heart pounding against his, his body hot on hers…

A little moan broke from her throat.


The Prince of Pleasure

THE PRINCE OF PLEASURE, on sale NOW at AmazonI-books and B&N

FirstInASeries-Romance-300x250EMILY: SEX & SENSIBILITY  is free in a special iBooks promotion! If you haven’t met her, or if you know someone who would like to meet her, here’s your chance!

I can’t believe it’s the end of June! What happened to summer? Is it really almost half over???

Busy week. I’m deep into PRIDE, the next book in my Wilde series. This is Luca Bellini’s story. Well, his name is really Luca Bellini Wilde..

What? You didn’t know that? You mean, you haven’t read LISSA: SUGAR & SPICE? Or maybe you haven’t read ON THE WILDE SIDE?

Heck. What are you waiting for?


Lissa: Sugar & Spice

Book 3, Wilde Sisters

On the Wilde Side

The General’s Hot Story