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Dreams Do Come True!

IMG_0557Isn’t it amazing, the things you find when you sort through old files? I have a drawer filled with papers and documents  that were my mom’s.  My husband was cleaning out that drawer the other day and stumbled across the things you see, above.

What a lovely surprise for me!

These are three stories I wrote a long, long time ago. In fact, I was still in elementary school.

I wrote The  Trail of Oklahoma when I was six. It’s a…wait for it…romance about a bad-boy gunslinger who gives up the kind of life he’s been living for a girl who loves him. (Note the gun illustrations on the cover, done by my six year old self.)

When I was eight, I wrote the story you see on lined paper. It’s called The Wilderness is Beckoning. It’s about a dog–I have always loved dogs–who loves his person, but runs away after seeing a female wolf and hearing her howl for him night after night.  So it, too, is a romance. At the end, he gives her up and goes home to the person he loves. The lady wolf finds a new mate, but “on moonlit nights, you can still hear her mournful howls.”

The third story, laboriously typed by me (at age ten) on my mom’s Remington, is called The Girl From the Wrong Side of the Tracks. The plot: rich boy meets poor girl, falls in love with her and thus changes her life forever.

Are you laughing? Me, too.

Mostly, though, I’m smiling through happy tears, first for the mom who saved these stories (and who always believed in me) and second because my dream from childhood on was to become a writer creating stories for people who’d want to read them

Thank you for making my dream come true.




About POWER…

I’ve had emails and FB messages from many of you, asking when you’ll be able to buy POWER, the next book in my bestselling saga, In Wilde Country.

I am touched and delighted that you’re eager to read the Bellini sisters’ stories. I had intended to get POWER, which is Alessandra’s story, to you late this spring. Just about now, in other words… But life got in the way!

Please don’t worry. No, I wasn’t ill. No one in my family was ill, either. We just had some family stuff going on that made it difficult for me to spend the time I wanted at my computer. You’ll probably understand when I tell you that a writer’s characters (mine, anyway) tend to walk off the scene when the person telling their stories (me) can’t be with them full time–and if that sounds weird, well, writing is a weird thing. It’s the only profession I know of where it’s acceptable to have voices in your head.  (Imagine a Big Smiley Face inserted here, LOL!)

Thankfully, everything in our lives is absolutely fine now, and I am deep into writing Alessandra’s story. She’s up to her lovely blue eyes in trouble. Serious, dangerous trouble. Only one man can save her, and he’s trouble, too, but in the way we all love. Tanner Akecheta is  a SEAL who’s now a member of an even more secret, tougher branch of the US military: he’s a member of STUD (Special Tactical Units Division). He’s a hardened, gorgeous, sexy warrior… and he’s Alessandra’s only hope for survival.

And–drum roll–you’re about to be the first to see the cover for POWER. I’m still drooling, and I’d love to know what you think.

My next cover!

My next cover!

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Let yourself go Wilde!

Pride and Passion

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