Sandra Marton
Holiday Doldrums

How can Thanksgiving be over?  I don’t know about you, but I spent days (and more days) preparing for Thanksgiving: thinking about the menu, planning it,  then shopping, cooking, and let’s not forget cleaning the house as if we were expecting our guests to perform a white glove inspection which, of course, they never do.

And now…it’s done.

We had a wonderful day. Ate a lot. Okay, ate too much. Drank some excellent wine–cider for the kids. Ran the dishwasher not once, not twice, but three times. Sent everybody home with leftovers: turkey and stuffing; cranberries; glazed carrots and steamed green beans; maple- bourbon sweet potatoes and mashed regular potatoes;  cake and pie; and, for the vegan and the vegetarian, meatless chili and couscous….

And now, it’s time to start planning Christmas. Or Chanukah. Or the Yuletide, or whatever it is you call your midwinter celebration.

Every now and then, I find myself thinking longingly about Whole Foods and their endless selection of ready-made goodies…But part of what makes these holidays so special, I think, is the planning and cooking and baking, because it’s all done with love.



Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving!

I’m getting ready for the holidays. You probably are, too. Today is set aside for Thanksgiving shopping. Turkey and trimmings for five of us, vegetarian fare for one of us, vegan only for another one of us. Makes for interesting shopping and cooking!!!

I also decided on a couple of things to do for my wonderful readers for the holidays. In Wilde Country: Two Hot Novellas is going to be FREE!!! It already is at iBooks and Kobo, and it’ll be free soon at Amazon and at Nook and Smashwords.



And for those of you who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, please be sure and look for The Prince of Pleasure. He’s there now free for subscribers, and I think he’s one of the sexiest heroes I’ve ever created. Those of you who’ve written to me about him seem to think so, too. Spend an evening with Sheikh Khan and see if you don’t agree!


ThePrinceOfPleasure_highres copy


Most of all, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

News Update

Pride (New)


That’s right. PRIDE, Book One in my bestselling In Wilde Country series, is available FREE for the next week only, and only at iBooks!

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Have you read POWER, the newest book in my In Wilde Country series? POWER is also the very first book in my hot new STUD series. STUD, Special Tactical Units Division, is a group of warriors selected from the top ranks of Navy Seals. These guys are hard-bodied, smart, gorgeous…and sexy!


PowerAnd if you’re into Alpha heroes, you’ll want to read my latest release, IN WILDE COUNTRY: TWO HOT NOVELLAS. In fact, if you’re a Wilde fan, you don’t want to miss these novellas!


STUD is almost here!

Did that word, STUD, get your attention? I hope so!

STUD is short for Special Tactical Units Division. It’s a top-secret military group composed of SEALs who have proven themselves in super-tough situations. These men are true warriors, sent to the far corners of the earth to protect all of us. Every STUD is a hard-bodied, sexy, gorgeous Alpha male who is untamable until the right woman comes along… and you can bet that she will!

Book One of this new series is POWER.  It’s also another in my bestselling series, In Wilde Country.  Remember Alessandra Bellini Wilde? Alessandra is beautiful, smart and totally independent. What would she want with a man in her life? Men are fun, but Alessandra isn’t looking for anything permanent…

Until she’s kidnapped in the jungle of a dangerous Caribbean country, and the man sent to find her and get her out is Lieutenant Tanner Akecheta.

Tanner is a member of a STUD unit. He’s a warrior. In fact, his name, Akecheta, means warrior in the language of his people, the Lakota Sioux. Tanner doesn’t want any part of spoiled little rich girls like Alessandra, but he’s been out of action recovering from a nasty wound he suffered in Afghanistan.

When the chance to rescue Alessandra comes along, Tanner is more than ready to get back into action.

Only one problem.  Alessandra isn’t a spoiled little rich girl after all. She’s beautiful and hot, and he wants her more than he’s ever wanted any woman in his life.

POWER, on sale at all your favorite ebook stores on September 21!