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A Wonderful Review!

Every now and then, a review absolutely fills my heart with joy! Here’s part of Reviewer Dottie’s review of PASSION. Dottie reviews at RomanceJunkies.Com

Thank you, Dottie. You’ve m


“An action-packed tale, PASSION, the second book in USA Today bestselling author Sandra Marton’s IN WILDE COUNTRY series, is a suspense-filled, passionate, contemporary romance that readers will find nearly impossible to put down before discovering the conclusion. I was drawn in from the very first page and loved this book, anticipating a re-read very soon. Matteo and Ariel are wonderful together and though she is married, she is not aware of it. Unfortunately, Matteo does know, but he finds it hard to resist her. He has never felt this way about a woman before and suddenly realizes why his siblings gave up their freedom for marriage. Regrettably, there is already another man in her life. Will she give them a chance once she regains her memory, or return to her husband?

Domestic abuse, terror, a greed for power, family loyalty, sibling rivalry, strong characters, tender emotions, passion, romance and true love make this book unforgettable. I have read all of Ms. Marton’s Wilde and Bellini books and loved every one. This one is no exception. Ms. Marton has a talent for writing exciting tales packed with suspense, sensuality and stirring love, which have made her a constant on my list of must read books over the years. But why take my word for it. Pick up a copy of PASSION today and discover Ms. Marton’s delightfully exciting world for yourself! But be prepared: these books can become addictive!”
By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie


How Not To End A Vacation

Have you been following me on Facebook? Remember that wonderful, relaxing, exciting vacation I talked about? It was, but it ended in full-blown cases of The Worst Flu Ever for both my husband and me! Got home March 6, got sick March 8 (him) and March 9 (me). No big surprise. We’d spent hours in the airport and then on a plane while people all around us sneezed and coughed. Today’s the first day we’re semi-functional. The good news is that I’d already committed to going on a serious diet once our cruise was over. It turns out that when you’re coughing and aching and living on nothing but endless cups of tea, not eating is a way of life. So the good news is that, if nothing else, at least I’m on my way to taking off the pounds I’d managed to put on over the course of a sort of difficult year. In fact, I’ve already more than matched those ads for somebody-or-other’s Lose Five Pounds in a Week diet. I’ve dropped six.


Passion and Pride, A Captivating Combo!

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Whether you love sexy, hard-hitting romantic suspense, or just can’t get enough of those irresistible Wilde siblings, Passion is the book you’ve been waiting for.

Ariel is running for her life and only Matteo can save her. But there are secrets about her past even she doesn’t know, and for once Matteo doesn’t have all the answers. As the threats surrounding them mount—and the tension between blazes white hot—far more than their hearts are at stake.

Want a taste? Here’s a small sample of what’s in store:

He drove fast, this man called Matteo, or at least that was how it seemed to Ariel.

She probably wasn’t the best judge of what did and didn’t constitute fast driving.

The fact was, she couldn’t recall riding in a car or driving one.

No. Not true. She remembered arriving at the hospital in an ambulance. Other than that, she really couldn’t recall much of anything, and no, she wasn’t going to go there because she knew what would happen, that panic would suck the breath from her lungs.

Not being able to remember anything, anything about yourself was more than terrifying, it was—it was as if you’d died but you didn’t yet know it.

“Are you warm enough?”

She turned toward him. Matteo. Was he of Spanish origin? Italian? His name was surely not American, and he was dark-haired, but he had green eyes. Amazingly green eyes.


Smile, she told herself, but her lips were so dry she couldn’t really pull them back against her teeth.

“Yes,” she said quickly. Too quickly. She knew it instantly; she heard the wobble in her voice, heard the lie. “I’m-m f-fine.”

Big improvement. Her voice didn’t just wobble this time. Her teeth chattered.

“I know it’s cold in here,” he said. “I’ve turned the heat up all the way. Just give it a couple of minutes.”

She nodded and burrowed deeper into the blanket. She wasn’t just cold, she was freezing, but she suspected it wasn’t because of the temperature. She’d been ice-cold since the accident, well, since coming to consciousness in the hospital after the accident. One of the nurses had even commented on it, trying to turn the coldness of her hands and feet into a little joke that she suspected had been meant to try and inject some normalcy into an abnormal situation.

“Cold hands, warm heart,” the nurse had said, and at Ariel’s blank look, she’d added, “It’s an old saying.”

Maybe, but Ariel suspected the coldness was the result of fear. Bone-deep fear.

In fact, that was the one and only thing she did know about herself.

She was terrified.

And she had no idea of who or what or why.

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Passion Releases Tuesday!

Less than one week until the release of Passion!

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If you loved Pride, you’re going to adore this pulse-pounding second installment of the In Wilde Country series.


Matteo Bellini is a lawyer. He’s an expert at contracts and he’s equally expert at avoiding emotional entanglement.

Ariel Bennett is… But that’s the question. Who is Ariel? Is she a mentally ill woman who needs to be put away for her own safety, or is she a woman on the run from a man who wants to silence her forever? Ariel has amnesia. She doesn’t remember anything about herself or her past.

Matteo’s searching for the answers, but after a while, the only thing he’s sure of is that his commitment to logic and the law doesn’t mean a thing when Ariel is in his arms.

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