Sandra Marton

My New Office

Scores of studies are done each year about the importance of a person’s work environment. Well, actually, I never thought much about mine.

I had an office. I had a regular desk, a computer desk, some shelves, bookcases, file cabinets… Sounds fine, you’d think. And it was–except that I began to have pain in my back and in my hands. I couldn’t figure out the reason. A couple of years ago, I’d invested in a really excellent desk chair, and in an equally excellent computer desk chair. I used an ergonomic keyboard. Why was I having difficulty?

Turns out that it wasn’t much of a mystery.

I’d set my computer chair too high and that was because my keyboard drawer was too high, and that was because my computer desk was too high! I’m not even going to mention that my cabinets no longer had sufficient space to hold my files and my books, or that I didn’t have sufficient surface space for the things that are a part of a writer’s office in today’s world: my iPad, my printer/fax/scanner, the keypad for my iPad, my iPhone, the extra monitor I sometimes use when I’m proofing a manuscript.

So I consulted with an office design specialist. With an ergonomics specialist. The result: A completely redone office! I have space for everything now–and, even better, my back no longer aches. Neither do my hands.

The bonus is that I love the way my office looks. The furniture I chose is light in color and contemporary in design. So is the new floor. Gone is the dark carpet that once covered it, replaced by handsome, light-colored wood. And final nice tough is that my computer is now nearer the windows, meaning all I have to do is turn my head to see our Ruby Throat Hummingbirds stop by our window feeder for a snack.

Here’s a photo of my  computer corner.




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