Sandra Marton

Dear Diary…

What a summer it’s been! Here’s a brief summary of life in our home:

June:  Our basement, our FINISHED basement, floods. Not from rain. We are on a hill. Flood is the result of our water conditioning/filtering system breaking. That’s the good news. Better a flood due to a mechanical disaster than one due to rain, because this is a one-time occurrence.

June:  New flooring laid in my office. That’s the good news. Happens the day the basement floods. Husband spends two days down there, trying to empty it of water(before we realize the water system is the culprit. I empty office myself. That’s the bad news. My back is still recovering.

June:  Furniture–actually, custom cabinetry by California Closets–all selected. Yes, that’s the good  news. Installation date? Not for a month.  That’s the bad news. I am now working at a long folding table in an otherwise empty office–but the floor is beautiful.

June:  Basement carpet? Needs to be replaced. Carpet padding? The same. Baseboards and walls? Need to be repainted.  Pair of  small sofas? Need to be replaced. That’s the bad news. The good? When we finally get everything fixed, I can put my treadmill in a different location. (Yes, this is called searching desperately for something positive!)

July:   Put load of clothes in washer. Washer starts to fill. Stops. Dead silence, save for a soft humming sound. Then an error message flashes on the control panel. The good news? Not much water went into washer. The bad? The washer is dead and needs a new control panel.

July:  I quite literally select an appliance repair company through Google. The good news? The serviceman listens to my tale of woe, sees the dining room piled high with boxes from my soon-to-be office, turns down my offer to let him enjoy the sight of my furnitureless, carpetless basement… and says he’ll find a way to get the part I need for the washer in less than the one to two weeks his suppliers have advised him it will take. More good news: he phones me a couple of hours later and tells me he has found a place that has the part in stock. Will I upset him if I break into a happy dance?

July:  I am, finally, at work writing JAIMIE: FIRE & ICE (the second Wilde Sister book) when my wireless mouse dies. I cannot restart it, no matter what I do. In the  process, I discover that something is seriously wrong with my computer. That is definitely bad news! The good? The mouse still won’t work but I am able to get my computer back to its proper state. And it only took 3 hours. 🙁

Really good news:  Readers are writing to say they LOVE Emily: Sex & Sensibility. They’re downloading her at Kindle, Nook and Smashwords–and buying her in paperback from Amazon!

More really good news: Jaimie’s cover is GORGEOUS!  Cover reveal coming after RWA along with maybe, just maybe, a couple of  lines from chapter one.

I know I’ll see some of you at RWA next week… OMG! Next week???  I have not given a thought to what to pack, what to wear, what to take with me…


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