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Want to Help Introduce More Readers to My Books?

Street Squads

This is a note for all you wonderful readers and fans out there, especially those of you who have been buying me, reading me and, best of all, sharing your thoughts about my books with me.

Do you know what a street squad is? Basically, it’s a group of fans who love an author’s stories and style and want to help her get her books into the hands of more readers.

I formed a Street Squad a few months back. (You know who you are!!) We call ourselves Sandra’s Scouts and my Scouts are amazing. They’ve helped promote my brand new career in self publishing as well as the books I’ve written for Harlequin Presents.

How? In all kinds of ways. By reading my books and reviewing them. By talking about my books in blogs, in book review groups, with friends and family. My Scouts never praise my books unless they really think the books deserve praise. And, I should add right here, nobody gets paid for doing any of these things.

The Scouts are all about friendship. Togetherness. We have a special, private Facebook page accessible only to members and I’m in the process of establishing a private page on my website where I’ll occasionally post bits and pieces from my books in progress, covers not yet available to others, thoughts, ideas, whatever might be fun to share. I also hold occasional games open only to the Scouts, sometimes with small prizes.

If this sounds like something you think you’d enjoy, contact me through Messages at Facebook ( or through “Contacts” right here at my website or simply send me an email at

My next book will be out soon. It’s about the youngest Wilde sister and it’s called EMILY: SEX and SENSIBILITY. It’s romantic, it’s sexy, it’s fun and yet it’s also deeply touching. And I would love to have your help in introducing  Emily and her exciting lover, Marco, to readers everywhere.

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