Sandra Marton

Super-Exciting News!

I’ve stepped into the world of straight-to-digital publishing! And my very first book, written for that new world, became available today! It’s THE PRINCE OF PLEASURE and believe me, the title says it all! Sheikh Khan is every woman’s fantasy. Khan is tall. Dark-haired. Sexy. Gorgeous. Rich beyond measure. He’s the ruler of Altara, a wealthy kingdom moving slowly into the 21st century. Khan is bound by tradition… and Laurel Cruz, a Texas attorney, has little use for tradition. As far as Laurel’s concerned, ‘tradition’ is a tool men often use to keep women in their place. And the place Khan wants Laurel is in his bed.

You can buy THE PRINCE OF PLEASURE for your Kindle or your Nook and you can download it at Smashwords and you can also download it for your iPhone and iPad at iBooks.

I hope you fall in love with Khan–and if you do, please “Like” him at amazon, give him stars at iBooks and at Nook… Those are the best ways I know of letting other readers know that The Prince of Pleasure is a wonderful, sexy romance novel that they’re sure to enjoy!


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