Sandra Marton

Have you read Charon’s Crossing?

I’ve been getting lots of wonderful emails about my book, CHARON’S CROSSING. Readers want to know why I haven’t talked about it. Well, I have… but maybe it’s time to tell you about CHARON’S CROSSING again.

It’s a sexy and exciting blend of contemporary and historical, with a ghost tossed in for good measure… and, as one fan says, ‘Matthew is the sexiest ghost in the world!’ By the way, the very first short story I ever sold, at the start of my career, is what inspired me to tell Kathryn’s and Matthew’s love story. I knew that someday, I’d have to write a much longer, more complex tale about a man and woman who fall passionately in love, even though they’re separated by more than two hundred years… and by something so evil, only their love can defeat it.

Here are some quotes from a few FIVE STAR reviews:
“A thoroughly enjoyable and well-written story which would please lovers of historical romance as well as paranormals.”
“Please get this book and fall in love with love!”
“It is a poignant tale of grief and self- discovery as well as much as recovery from emotional betrayal.”

CHARON’S CROSSING is available for your Kindle, your iPad/iPhone, and for your Nook. Once you’ve read it, let me know what you think!

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