Sandra Marton

March 2012

My newest Presents, Sheikh Without A Heart, is on sale now, both online and at your favorite bookstore. It’s a long time since I wrote a sheikh book and I absolutely loved writing this one! Karim, Prince of Alcantar, is a proud, powerful, gorgeous guy. Rachel is a cocktail waitress at a Las Vegas casino. Karim is accustomed to getting whatever he wants, and what he wants is his dead brother’s baby. He believes Rachel is the boy’s mother—but she isn’t. She wants to tell him the truth but if she does, she’ll lose any hope of keeping the child she loves. Soon, there’s an additional problem. Karim, despite what he thinks of Rachel, wants her more than he’s ever wanted a woman. And Rachel forgets all she knows about men like Karim, once he takes her in his arms.
You can read an excerpt here.

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